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subsection       : inst                 vote                 old                  recent               no-files             
admin            : debconf              debconf              debconf              pciutils             debconf-i18n         
base             : ncurses-base         libc6                tar                  libc6                readline-common      
comm             : wvdial               wvdial               wvdial               wvdial               wvdial               
contrib          : 
devel            : libsasl2-modules     dbus                 dbus                 binutils             libgnomevfs2-common  
doc              : info                 man-db               info                 man-db               manpages             
editors          : ed                   vim-common           ed                   vim-common           openoffice.org-l10n- 
embedded         : matchbox-keyboard    matchbox-keyboard    matchbox-keyboard    matchbox-keyboard    matchbox-keyboard    
games            : gnome-games-data     fortune-mod          fortune-mod          fortune-mod          fortunes-min         
gnome            : app-install-data     update-notifier-comm python-software-prop software-properties- apport-gtk           
graphics         : min12xxw             gtk2-engines-pixbuf  min12xxw             gimp                 gimp-python          
interpreters     : cpp                  gawk                 cpp                  cpp                  ruby                 
kde              : guidance-backends    dolphin              guidance-backends    guidance-backends    kdebase-data         
libdevel         : libc6-dev            libc6-dev            libc6-dev            zlib1g-dev           libglu1-xorg-dev     
libs             : libattr1             tzdata               libuuid1             libexpat1            libtag1c2a           
mail             : bogofilter-common    postfix              bogofilter-bdb       thunderbird-locale-f bogofilter           
math             : bc                   bc                   bc                   dc                   gnumeric-common      
metapackages     : ubuntu-standard      edubuntu-addon-kde   linux-image          edubuntu-addon-kde   ubuntu-standard      
misc             : lsb-base             lsb-base             lsb-base             lsb-base             metacity-common      
multiverse       : 
net              : iputils-ping         mime-support         iputils-ping         mime-support         transmission-common  
news             : pan                  pan                  pan                  pan                  pan                  
oldlibs          : glutg3-dev           myspell-tools        myspell-tools        glutg3-dev           glutg3-dev           
otherosfs        : dosfstools           mscompress           dosfstools           ntfs-3g              k3b-i18n             
perl             : libtext-wrapi18n-per perl                 libtext-wrapi18n-per perl                 libcompress-zlib-per 
python           : python-minimal       python               python-minimal       python               python-launchpad-bug 
restricted       : 
science          : kstars-data          kstars               kstars               indi                 kstars-data          
shells           : dash                 dash                 dash                 busybox-initramfs    bash-completion      
sound            : libcdparanoia0       linux-sound-base     linux-sound-base     linux-sound-base     espeak-data          
tex              : tex-common           tex-common           tex-common           tex-common           latex-xcolor         
text             : less                 groff-base           less                 groff-base           sgml-data            
translations     : language-pack-en-bas language-pack-en     language-pack-en-bas language-pack-en     language-pack-gnome- 
universe         : 
utils            : bsdmainutils         initramfs-tools      time                 openssl              console-terminus     
web              : wget                 wget                 wget                 wget                 firefox-gnome-suppor 
x11              : libx11-data          libx11-data          xauth                libx11-data          xfonts-encodings     



inst - number of people who installed this package;
vote - number of people who use this package regularly;
old - number of people who installed, but don't use this package regularly;
recent - number of people who upgraded this package recently;
no-files - number of people whose entry didn't contain enough information
(atime and ctime were 0).
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