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subsection       : inst                 vote                 old                  recent               no-files             
admin            : chntpw               chntpw               chntpw               chntpw               chntpw               
comm             : ckermit              ckermit              ckermit              asterisk-prompt-es   gnuradio-examples    
devel            : sun-java6-jdk        aspectj              sun-java6-jdk        aspectj              sun-javadb-javadoc   
doc              : transcode-doc        transcode-doc        transcode-doc        transcode-doc        dvdrip-doc           
editors          : entagged             xtrkcad              entagged             axe                  entagged             
electronics      : eagle                sdcc                 eagle-data           eagle                sdcc-doc             
games            : alien-arena-data     maelstrom            alien-arena          kxmame               alien-arena-data     
graphics         : mplayer              gnome-mplayer        mplayer              mplayer              mplayer-skins        
interpreters     : squeak-vm            squeak-vm            squeak-vm            squeak               squeak               
kde              : k9copy               k9copy               k9copy               k9copy               k9copy               
libdevel         : libfaac-dev          libcgal-dev          libfaac-dev          gstreamer0.10-plugin gstreamer0.10-plugin 
libs             : libxvidcore4         libxvidcore4         libfaac0             libfaac0             libxvidcore4         
mail             : pgp4pine             pgp4pine             pgp4pine             pgp4pine             x-pgp-sig-el         
math             : scilab               scilab               scilab               scilab               scilab-doc           
metapackages     : ubuntu-restricted-ex kubuntu-restricted-e ubuntu-restricted-ex kubuntu-restricted-e ubuntu-restricted-ex 
misc             : cmap-adobe-japan1    poppler-data         cmap-adobe-japan1    poppler-data         cmap-adobe-japan2    
net              : teamspeak-client     netperf              teamspeak-client     atmel-firmware       bcm5700-source       
news             : trn                  newsgate             trn                  newsgate             trn                  
otherosfs        : dosemu               dosemu               dosemu               apple2               sdlmame              
perl             : libstar-parser-perl  libstar-parser-perl  libstar-parser-perl  libstar-parser-perl  libstar-parser-perl  
python           : python-profiler      python-cdb           python-profiler      python-cdb           python-profiler      
science          : clustalw             clustalw             clustalw             clustalw             libgeotiff-epsg      
sound            : lame                 lame                 lame                 lame                 xmms-xmmplayer       
tex              : latex2html           latex2html           latex2html           context-nonfree      foiltex              
text             : gs-cjk-resource      gs-cjk-resource      gs-cjk-resource      gs-cjk-resource      gsfonts-other        
utils            : unrar                unrar                unrar                unrar                rar                  
web              : flashplugin-nonfree  libapache2-mod-fastc tightvnc-java        album                flashplugin-nonfree  
x11              : ttf-liberation       transcode            transcode            msttcorefonts        ttf-liberation       



inst - number of people who installed this package;
vote - number of people who use this package regularly;
old - number of people who installed, but don't use this package regularly;
recent - number of people who upgraded this package recently;
no-files - number of people whose entry didn't contain enough information
(atime and ctime were 0).
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