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subsection       : inst                 vote                 old                  recent               no-files             
admin            : binfmt-support       rsyslog              binfmt-support       grub-pc              lib32nss-mdns        
base             : libstdc++5           apt-file             hwdb-client-common   apt-file             libstdc++5           
comm             : wammu                tor                  wammu                lrzsz                gnokii-common        
devel            : python-debian        python-debian        python-debian        rake                 libzvbi-common       
doc              : rarian-compat        rarian-compat        rarian-compat        rarian-compat        docbook-xsl-doc-html 
editors          : mousepad             lyx                  mousepad             vim-nox              lyx-common           
electronics      : gnucap               avrdude              gnucap               gtkwave              geda                 
embedded         : matchbox-common      openocd              matchbox-common      gpe-login            matchbox-themes-extr 
games            : gbrainy              nethack-common       gbrainy              gbrainy              supertuxkart-data    
gnome            : gnome-bluetooth      gnome-bluetooth      gnome-bluetooth      gnome-bluetooth      tango-icon-theme     
graphics         : sane-utils           vlc                  sane-utils           exiv2                gimp-data-extras     
hamradio         : gpredict             cwdaemon             gpredict             hamfax               unixcw               
interpreters     : openjdk-6-jre-headle openjdk-6-jre-headle openjdk-6-jre-headle tcl                  libgnome2-ruby       
kde              : kdebase-runtime      kdebase-runtime      kdebase-runtime      kdebase-runtime      kdebase-runtime-data 
libdevel         : libstdc++6-4.1-dev   libopenmpi-dev       libstdc++6-4.1-dev   libilmbase-dev       libboost-filesystem- 
libs             : liba52-0.7.4         libelf1              liba52-0.7.4         libelf1              libsidplay1          
mail             : spamassassin         nullmailer           spamassassin         spamc                sylpheed-i18n        
math             : lp-solve             lp-solve             lp-solve             r-base-html          gnuplot              
metapackages     : xubuntu-desktop      edubuntu-addon-light linux-xen            edubuntu-addon-light xubuntu-desktop      
misc             : libglib2.0-data      insserv              libatk1.0-data       libglib2.0-data      libglib2.0-data      
net              : telepathy-gabble     resolvconf           telepathy-gabble     resolvconf           filezilla-common     
news             : python-yenc          python-yenc          python-yenc          aub                  gnus                 
oldlibs          : libglib1.2ldbl       gdk-imlib11          gdk-imlib11          gdk-imlib11          libglib1.2ldbl       
otherosfs        : wine                 vcdimager            wine                 vcdimager            wine                 
perl             : libuuid-perl         libnet-ip-perl       libuuid-perl         libuuid-perl         liblist-moreutils-pe 
python           : python-xapian        python-xapian        python-xapian        python-reportlab-acc python-serial        
science          : stellarium-data      pymol                stellarium           blast2               stellarium-data      
shells           : busybox-static       ash                  busybox-static       busybox-static       busybox-static       
sound            : libvisual-0.4-plugin audacity             libvisual-0.4-plugin speech-dispatcher    freepats             
tex              : latex-xft-fonts      rubber               lmodern              texlive-xetex        latex-xft-fonts      
text             : hunspell-en-us       gv                   myspell-en-au        t1utils              hunspell-en-us       
translations     : language-support-ext language-support-ext lightning-extension- language-support-ext language-support-ext 
utils            : kbd                  kbd                  kbd                  kbd                  stardict-common      
web              : mozilla-firefox-loca php-db               python-beautifulsoup python-beautifulsoup mozilla-firefox-loca 
x11              : xinput               nvidia-settings      xinput               xorg-sgml-doctools   ttf-sazanami-mincho  



inst - number of people who installed this package;
vote - number of people who use this package regularly;
old - number of people who installed, but don't use this package regularly;
recent - number of people who upgraded this package recently;
no-files - number of people whose entry didn't contain enough information
(atime and ctime were 0).
Number of submissions considered: 2802222 - Raw popularity-contest results

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